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April 24, 2013

Contact: Andrew Mindrin

VolumeLock Software Prevents Sudden PC Volume Changes

Actual Solution today announced the release a new version of VolumeLock, a Windows program that prevents a computer's volume from unexpectedly changing. The latest version offers a locking default audio device that gives PC users the ability to always maintain control over their system's volume. The audio control software gives users the ability to set loudness controls that will not change without their prior knowledge.

"People are often surprised when they switch programs or go to different sites and their volume has changed," explained Andrew Mindrin of Actual Solution, the software company that created VolumeLock. "This program is the answer to those unexpected volume-change problems. It gives people the ability to avoid such issues, whether they are using Skype, watching online videos, or using another program."

VolumeLock offers a variety of features, which include:

  • A powerful lock function that guarantees the volume will not unexpectedly change.
  • Fully customizable rules so that users can set their own unique volume preferences.
  • The ability to store and retrieve rule configurations, all with the click of a mouse or by using a hot key.
  • The ability to set volume controls for individual applications, such as for Skype.
  • A scheduler tool that provides users with the ability to change volume settings automatically at a pre-determined time.
  • Command line support.

Being able to maintain volume control is an issue for many people, especially those who are using their computers in public settings or in offices near other workers. Along with individuals who would like more control over their computer's volume, the software is also ideal for such places as public libraries that offer computers for patrons to use. The software is also ideal for parents who would like more control over the volume of their child's devices.

VolumeLock software will prevent the problem that people experience when the volume changes on its own. Many people have experienced the volume suddenly going higher or lower, without their having done anything to make it happen.

"Without VolumeLock, many people will find that, when they go to certain sites, or use Skype, the volume on their PC goes up or down without them having touched it," adds Mindrin. "This can be a frustrating experience, but it is one that people no longer have to put up with. VolumeLock has been created as the solution to this problem."

VolumeLock works with all modern versions of Microsoft Windows and is $14.95(US) for a single license. Registered users are eligible for free upgrades, as well as technical support. Users are also offered a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information or to download a trial version of the program, visit the site at

About Actual Solution

Founded in 2004, Actual Solution specializes in creating audio software that meets the demands of both business professionals and amateur home-computer users. The key products of Actual Solution are Power Mixer and VolumeLock. For more information on the company or their products, visit the site at

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