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May 10, 2005

Actual Solution has released Power Mixer 1.3.

Power Mixer: The Latest Sound Control Technologies Are Now Available For All

Many Windows™ features give us just a taste of what our PCs offer us in the way of enhancement of our interactive experiences with computers. Take something as simple as turning up the volume. The basic experience is searching for the right Windows™ icon and using a slider graphic to go from soft to loud or vice-versa. Basic and functional, but no options for fine-tuning.

Actual Solution has designed Power Mixer to enhance the sound experience of PC gaming, music and movies for all levels of users, from families to audio professionals. Offering volume control from the scrolling wheel of the mouse and hotkey presets, Power Mixer integrates volume control into the normal operation of the keyboard and mouse without interrupting the flow of computer use, and the on-screen display and scheduling functions keep volume control tasks simple and intuitive.

With the release of version 1.3, Power Mixer provides users with mastery of the latest Audio Taper technology across all operating systems, along with a unique fade option for presets. The new program interface supports themes and multiple languages. The features of Power Mixer 1.3 are described at

Actual Solution offers a 14-day fully-functional trial period, after which registration is required at a cost of USD $17.95. A Microsoft Windows™ 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003 operating system is required.

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Andrew Mindrin
Actual Solution

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