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November 22, 2004

Actual Solution Releases Power Mixer 1.1

Change Volume Level Of Your Pc By Simply Rotating The Mouse Wheel

Power Mixer 1.1 is a brain-dead simple but very progressive Volume Control replacement utility for Windows. Sadly, the built-in Volume Control solution from Microsoft is far from perfect and as more people use their PCs for listening to music and watching movies, the need for a dependable and straightforward Volume Control utility becomes apparent.

Power Mixer 1.1, as the name implies, comes with own mixer and features scheduler, On Screen Display, command line support and an unlimited number of 'presets'. But the most impressive feature is a capability to change volume level by simply rotating the mouse wheel or pressing a set of designated hotkeys.

Power Mixer 1.1 offers quite a lot of advanced features, like viewing all volume levels real-time, the choice of recording devices and controls for them, or the option to share program settings for all users (individual user settings available as well). Since the program supports presets, which are a set of volume control settings templates, Power Mixer 1.1 is easily adjusted for the best auditory experience when listening to music, watching DVDs or playing games.

While Power Mixer 1.1 is certainly not a "grandma-and-grandpa" type of utility, it's nevertheless extremely simple and intuitive. Users have an option to hide or display all devices connected. The program does not require any knowledge of PC, music theory or acoustics. It's just a Volume Control utility that does what Microsoft's 'in-house' utility should have been doing in the first place.

Power Mixer is available at for free evaluation. The price of registering the program is 12.95 US Dollars. This price reflects a 35% OFF offer that expires on January 1, 2005.

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