Windows audio mixer - Power Mixer


Volume control replacement for Windows

If you don't have a volume control software on your PC, or are not satisfied with the standard solution from Microsoft; want a Windows audio mixer with advanced features such as quick and easy volume tuning by using hot keys and mouse, saving and restoring all your audio settings just by one mouse click, scheduled volume adjusting, command line support and much more - try Power Mixer.

Volume control utility - VolumeLock


Utility to lock audio volume

Many users know that for some reasons PC sound volume can be changed drastically even if a person did not touch it. This may happen at an inappropriate time, like at evening, when you listen to your favorite music and a high volume level is inadmissible. VolumeLock lets you control your sound volume in real-time, you can guarantee that the volume settings of your PC will never be changed unexpectedly.

What Clients Say

I do a lot of different things that normally would take forever changing the levels of Audio. I've been making a lot of music, I Do rap music. So, between recording, mixing, and making beats on the pc.... not to mention watching DVD movies, I was constantly trying to get the audio levels right. And I was wishing for a product like this....–Chris