Volume Discounts

We offer volume discounts starting with purchase of two or more licenses. Go to Register page and click the "Register Now!" button of the product you are interested in to see volume discounts.

50% Discount for Blogging

You will get a 50% discount for any of our products if you comment it on your Blog, LiveJournal, etc.

Terms and Conditions of Applying.

  • Your blog should be alive for at the least three months
  • Your blog should contain at least three posts
  • You should not repost from other blogs, post only your honest personal experience, thoughts and comments.
  • Your post should be at least 30 words length
  • Your post should contain a link to our website
  • You should not delete your post at the least one month after you'll get discount code

To apply, please contact us with a link to your post. We will review it and send you discount code.

Free Registration

In some cases we can offer a free registration. We are looking for people who will help us to improve our software or web site. Help us to translate our software to your language and you will receive free registration. Another way to help us is creating the system tray icon for Power Mixer, please contact us for more information.